Hardeveld, where pace is set by nature and not by people. 

The tone in the seven small Hardeveld villages (Nuwerus, Bitterfontein, Kliprand, Rietpoort, Molsvlei, Stofkraal, Putsekloof) is decidedly traditional. 

Soetsuurdeeg (“Sweet-sour dough”) bread is still cooked in outside clay ovens, time with friends and family is spent chatting and it is not a rare sight to see a donkey cart go by.

The Hardeveld’s people are its biggest asset: they are hospitable and love telling stories. It is rare to find a Hardevelder who cannot tell at least one good tale! The environment of the region consists of various landscapes, with the flowing lines of a granite hill in the Hardeveld stretching to the cold Atlantic Ocean. The Hardeveld is above all an area for taking a deep breath, sitting back on the stoep* at sundown and talking away into a night where it is still impossible for street lights to compete with the brightness of the stars.

*Afrikaans word for veranda.

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock