The beautiful town of Knysna, situated 73kms from the George airport, is within 157 000 hectares of the proclaimed Garden Route National Park. It is nestled between the shores of the pristine Knysna estuary, Indian Ocean and thousands of hectares of beautiful indigenous forest, home to a myriad of wildlife as well as the famed fynbos (Cape Flora).

Not only has Knysna become synonymous with its magnificent oysters, but you can explore its natural beauty through its many mountain biking and hiking trails, whale watching and boating charters. Accommodation in this seductive town varies from township living, houseboats, tree-top cabins to five star luxury hotels.

Knysna has further become a sought after golfing destination. The town offers three magnificent golf courses which merge with the town’s natural beauty. 

Here you’ll get everything from leisurely relaxation, high-energy adventure and sporting activities to shopping, haute cuisine, oysters and locally brewed beer. 

Knysna reflects the finer things in life.

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock