Piketberg stands in the middle of undulating fields of wheat, green vineyards and flowering yellow canola, at the foot of the Piketberg mountain range.

This mountain range is like an island with Piketberg as its main town on its eastern slopes, the village of Aurora on the west and Redelinghuys to the north.

The perfect way to view the whole town and surrounding areas is to take a trip up Versveld Pass to the top of the mountain where you can drive through acres of orchards, apple, pear, peach and orange trees. Stop and breathe in the scents of wild rosemary. Many yellow Waboom and pink Nerifolia Proteas can be seen on the way up. Spend a few days exploring, stay at one of the guesthouses and wake refreshed for the travels ahead. 

Piketberg offers travelers many different activities, including horse riding, rock art, bird watching, wine tasting, hiking, mountain biking, various sporting activities, canoeing and fishing. Don't be surprised to find yourself not wanting to leave this beautiful area.

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock